The University of Naples Federico II and Deloitte Digital train Cloud professionals



Salesforce in the Digita Academy’s classroom

Digita Academy offers a three-week classroom training period on Salesforce. The initiative, aimed at training Cloud professionals, was born from the synergy between Digita Academy, the University of Naples Federico II, Deloitte Digital and Salesforce Italia. After the training period, students will be able to develop a Business Case and to take the exam to obtain the “Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1” certification.

"We have included the Salesforce Developer Bootcamp within the DIGITA Academy program and we aim to train more than 70 students. We firmly believe in this collaboration with Salesforce, as well as in the role that DIGITA Academy has. With Salesforce we share the technological vision, the community philosophy but also and above all the perspective of a future and a sustainable world to which we want to contribute as protagonists."
Scientific Director of DIGITA Academy

What is salesforce.

Salesforce is a CRM Cloud-based solution that allows companies to connect with their customers in a completely new way in marketing, sales, e-commerce, customer service.

cos'è salesforce

The opportunities offered by Salesforce.

Among the most sought after jobs on the market, the most requested profiles concern digital and technological areas, and the Salesforce skills are among the most requested. The Bootcamp initiative was born from the need to help tomorrow’s talents in our country to be included in an entrepreneurial environment as soon as possible, even during the university career. Salesforce is proud not only of its winning technology, but also of the talent of its people. The company is constantly growing and constantly looking for new talents to be included within it, but it also guides its customers to increase the productivity of their employees and achieve success. The Salesforce Bootcamp, therefore, provides the Cloud-based tools to develop the skills that the market requires most.

"This is a time of great transformation on the market. The fourth industrial revolution is putting a lot of pressure, opening up great opportunities for companies, to transform the way they connect with their customers. To do this, you need to identify and train innovators, what we in Salesforce call Trailblazer"
Marco marcone
Salesforce Regional Vice President Alliances & Channel Italia

World's #1 CRM

Over 150,000 companies are growing thanks to Salesforce.

our teachers.

The teaching staff of the “Salesforce Developer Bootcamp” is composed of people of Deloitte Digital, University of Naples Federico II and Salesforce. During the training activities, there is a the constant and continuous presence of Deloitte managers and Tutors.

"Finally the world of university that merges with the working world and that faces the actual needs of it, a dream come true,in a territory rich in history and excellence in which talents cannot be missing"
Gianluca Cerrato
Manager at Deloitte Digital


The initiative comes from the need to help tomorrow’s talents in our country to be placed in an entrepreneurial environment as soon as possible, even during the university career. The bootcamp aims to train the new specialists of our Cloud technology and this is possible thanks to the relationship of trust established with our rich and varied ecosystem of partners, which in turn supports the flourishing of virtuous collaborations between many companies and prestigious universities Italian and European.

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